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As Above So Below

By: SocialCLUB (Collaborators: Craig Thomas & Mark Collins-Wren)
Event: Auxesis: Through the lens media
Site: Glassworks at Tactile Bosch Art Space
Type: Site-responsive audio-visual environment, duration 20mins
Date: January 2010

Produced for an epic group show of experimental, photography, video, film, sound and live action, As Above So Below was concerned with the exchange, relay and connection between the participant and the environment. The work is triggered by the potential of intervening with a site that can realise our concerns of creating an audio-visual experience with a narrative idea. As Above So Below explores the notion of weaving a virtual world into the architectural fabric to blur the viewer’s spatiality with that of the artwork in an immersive, ephemeral viewing experience.

“A single figure, shot against a green screen and digitally duplicated, repeated and mirrored created an ethereal, hypnotic effect projected up onto the flaking ceiling….As Above So Below proved quietly spectacular.”  Daryl Corner (Western Mail)

As Above So Below from Craig S R Thomas on Vimeo.