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By: SocialCLUB (Collaborators: Craig Thomas & Mark Collins-Wren)
Event: Shadow Play: Alchemy, Redolence & Enchantment Illustration Symposium
Site: Cinema 2, Chapter Arts, Cardiff
Type: Experimental short film, duration 14.05mins
Date: November 2010

Murmur is an experimental short film using footage captured from the infinite number of regular, everyday natural phenomena that surround us: light, shadows, reflections and other common occurrences.

The film does not suggest a single prescriptive reading or offer an exact or specific narrative, our intention is to explore the moments between a participant being introduced to a particular set of stimuli and their coming to terms with it. It is during these moments of pre-reflective perception, when our focused eyesight recedes as primary receiver and our senses are being made to work their hardest to make sense of the world, that the imagination floods-in, takes over and thrives.

Murmur from Craig S R Thomas on Vimeo.