Reality v1.5 (Installed.2)

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Reality Version 1.5

By: SocialCLUB (Collaborators: Craig Thomas & Mark Collins-Wren)
Event: Sonic Artists in Wales (SAW) Electroacoustic Symposium
Site: Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama
Type: Site-responsive audio-visual environment, duration 12mins
Date: March 2010

Triggered by the potential of weaving a narrative-driven, virtual world into the solidity of the architectural fabric. Reality Version 1.5 explores the exchange, relay and connection between the participant and the environment by blurring the participant’s spatiality with that of the environment in an immersive, ephemeral viewing experience.

We hope to seduce the viewer into an epiphany, a glimpse of vision beyond the veils of illusion into the waking moment.

Reality Version 1.5 from Craig S R Thomas on Vimeo.

Reality Version 1.5 (Live performance) from Craig S R Thomas on Vimeo.